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We founded the Silmarillion Writers' Guild in 2005 in hopes of creating a single online home for Silmarillion fans, authors, and artists. We take pride in remaining an open and accessible group for all, and welcome Tolkien fans from all over the world and web to join us in discussing and creating based on his fictional world. In addition to our writing archive, we also maintain a reference library, discussion group, and LiveJournal community to keep Silmarillion fans connected. Please explore our site and consider joining us in sharing your own creative vision of the early ages of Arda!

May the muses smile upon you,
the SWG moderators

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About SWG and Frequently Asked Questions. Most everything you could want to know about the SWG, from our mission to our history to the questions we get asked the most, resides herein.

Join SWG. If you're interested in signing up for a free account on our archive, start here. Archive members can post their writing and comment on the work of others.

Archive. More than 2,000 stories, poems, and essays based on The Silmarillion find a welcome home on our archive. Whether you want to share your writing, comment on other authors' work, or just settle down with a good tale, you'll find what you want in our archive.

Reference Library. In our reference library, we collect peer-reviewed essays and monthly periodicals exploring all aspects of Tolkien's world.

Challenges. We offer periodic challenges to inspire reluctant muses. Our challenges never expire, so if you're looking for an idea for a story, you'll find dozens of possibilities here.

Newsletter. Our monthly newsletter not only includes news about the SWG but about other Tolkien- and writing-related groups and projects, in addition to monthly columns and comics.

Special Projects. Once or twice each year, we sponsor projects and events to challenge our writers and artists and provide a special forum for them to share their work, all of which we've collected in this section of the site.

Contact SWG. If you want to speak to one of our moderators, you'll find our contact information here.

Sitemap. Don't see what you need here? Our sitemap has a more complete listing of sections and pages on our site.

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